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Explore our range of seasonal microlot specialty coffees. At Kofee, we're dedicated to offering unique and exclusive coffee experiences. These seasonal microlots highlight the distinct flavors and craftsmanship of specific origins throughout the year


Notes of blueberries, red apple and raspberries are present in this microlot from Peru. This microlot has been fermented and macerated in sealed barrels for 48 hours before undergoing a meticulous washing process.


REGION: Santa Teresa, Cutervo Provice, Cajamarca Region

PRODUCER: La Lucuma - Ismeria Leon


VARIETY: Arabica - Bourbon, Caturra, Typica


This meticulously processed microlot, originates from the farm of Ismeria Leon, a dedicated female producer. Situated at 2,250 metres above sea level in Queromarca, the 2 hectare farm benefits from optimal conditions for speciality coffee production, including ample sunlight and cool temperatures. Ismeria, alongside her sister Merly, who manages her own farm nearby, demonstrates a relentless pursuit of quality and productivity enhancements on their farms.

The Region

Queromarca is one of the areas where coffee was produced for the first time in the entire district of Callayuc. Formerly they were producers of corn, potatoes or cattle, Queromarca is located at an elevation above 2000 meters above sea level and has several microclimates ideal for the production of specialty coffees.

The region of Callayuc is one of the districts of the Cutervo province, Cajamarca, in the north of Peru. It is a territory that features a typical tropical jungle with abundant biodiversity and fertile valleys in its centre. Its altitude varies from 690 masl. at its lowest point to more than 2,800 masl at its highest point. Its geographical conditions allow the existence of a vast flora and fauna, and local producers cover the agricultural lands of Cullayuc with permanent crops and natural forests, especially with coffee.

A few minutes from Callayuc, is the Viluco Waterfall, also known as "bridal veil". This is a beautiful waterfall located in a warm climate that tourists can easily access. On the way to the waterfall, you can appreciate impressive views, characteristic of the northern Peruvian Andes.

Also, in the Callayuc region you will find Cerro Pabellon, which is a mountain peak that exceeds 2200 meters above sea level and is mostly surrounded by forest. This peak is also part of a chain of local mountains, with endemic characteristics and is considered a wildlife refuge. Very close to this peak is the Cordillera del Wissus, also known as Huichus, which has a maximum altitude of 2817 meters above sea level. This mountain range is home to reserve water sources and refuge of important wildlife, varied flora, and intertropical fauna.

In the cup: Notes of blueberries, red apple and raspberries.