Sustainability is often best perceived as something that is a constantly evolving, dynamic process, rather than a static achievement. At the heart of any sustainable effort are three pillars of sustainability:





What is our commitment and how Kofee is contributing to improve those 3 Pillars?

  • We offer a Quality coffee

    It is not enough to treat coffee as a commodity; the quality of the coffee must also be taken into account. Even after the last price crisis a few years ago, alternatives are still being sought to minimize the dependence on price fluctuations on the stock market. In the course of the previous price crisis twenty years ago, the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) pointed out a way to achieve higher prices through quality. This helped to boost the specialty coffee movement, which focuses on quality. In addition, greater demand for quality, especially amongst young people, who are also willing to spend more money on good coffee.

  • Promote Direct trade

    Direct trade platforms such as algrano amongst others provide coffee growers of any size a direct marketing channel, where coffee growers offer their coffees via the internet to a broad audience of potential buyers. Farmers can set the price for their coffee on the platform, but the main challenge is finding ways to bring and retain coffee growers on the platform to secure stable growth. Other long-trade direct trade partnerships currently exist between as a roaster and producers, where a price above the cost of production is negotiated and agreed upon each year based on quality. This direct trade model is sometimes referred to as ‘relationship’ coffee.

    Rainforest Alliance Certification:

Social enterprises we support

  • Trampoline Cafe - Angel

    Trampoline was set up by Antonio Orra to help London’s refugee community integrate, train, and become independent citizens.Built on the values of looking forward, being compassionate, and believing in better we’re committed to using our business as a genuine force for good. Building and maintaining relationships that transform lives.

  • HMP Pentonville - London

    We have run a barista school in Pentonville Prison for the last five years, training over 150 people and helping them rehabilitate into the catering industry.This is a state-funded initiative where we were approached because of our experience in training and personal development.

  • Project Water Fall

    We are committed to social responsibility, sustainability, and the well-being of the communities we serve.

    Our sponsorship of Project Waterfall reflects our shared values and commitment to making a positive impact on a global scale. Together, we aim to ensure that coffee-growing regions have access to clean water, enhancing the lives of countless individuals and promoting a more sustainable future.