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Kofee Speciality Grade - PERU- ISMERIA LEON (250g BEANS)

Kofee Speciality Grade - PERU- ISMERIA LEON (250g BEANS)

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This meticulously processed microlot, originates from the farm of Ismeria Leon, a dedicated female producer. Situated at 2,250 metres above sea level in Queromarca, the 2 hectare farm benefits from optimal conditions for speciality coffee production, including ample sunlight and cool temperatures. Ismeria, alongside her sister Merly, who manages her own farm nearby, demonstrates a relentless pursuit of quality and productivity enhancements on their farms.

Notes of blueberries, red apple and raspberries are present in this microlot from Peru. This microlot has been fermented and macerated in sealed barrels for 48 hours before undergoing a meticulous washing process.

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